Welcome to the Southern Warrior Sister Tribe

We welcome you to our journey! Inspired by the award winning movie and novel, Of Sentimental Value , six warriors embark on a discovery & inspiring journey. With determination, dedication, persistence, and tenacity to change their world one woman at a time; these warriors tear down their personal veils and reveal their most vulnerable assets…inviting other women to do same, by taking the healing journey with them. We hope you will be inspired and motivated to change your own life as you begin to walk in the path of these Southern Warriors!

These women have overcome their own obstacles in life and now they are using their stories to help change the world…one woman at a time…one story at a time. Each story is unique and different but the common denominator in their life is God. They have overcome issues such as abuse, depression, disabilities, lack of confidence and so much more. They are now all successful, strong, fierce women making a difference in the world.

Join the TRIBE and become a WARRIOR!

Who are the Southern Warriors?

Marlas Triplett-Sells, “Strong, Invincible, & God Fearing Woman”

Maxine Holt Donaldson, “Phenomenal, Superwoman”

Princess Fumi Hancock, “Bold, Fierce, and Authentic”

We share our stories and let other women alike know that WE ARE ALL OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE!