It’s Warrior Wednesday and Nothing Should Stand in Your Way

“Tomorrow we should look back at today as the inspiration…”

medHave you ever wondered if you are getting the most out of your life? I think we all have—but what we have to remember is that today we build our tomorrow. Some people wish that changes could take place. Some people wish so hard—but they fail to put the work in. Today, we should be working to make our tomorrow great. The first step in changing our lives is making the decision to do so—but these decisions are sometimes hard to make.

Knowing that the decision to change your life may be the most important decision you will ever make can make it harder to make a choice. As all of your inner demons come out to skew the way you feel and the way you make choices, it’s important to keep a level head, a clear mind and a strong understanding of what YOU need.

I decided to put together four techniques I have used to help myself make decisions. There is no perfect decision making process, but these techniques will help you make a clear and concise decision.

Try to get a second opinion

Going with your “gut” instinct often means that your decisions are highly swayed by emotion, which may not lead to you doing the right thing. To better see the bigger picture, try to get a second opinion on what you should do from someone you trust and who does not have a vested interest in the outcome.

Gather and study all of the available information

Many of us go with what “feels right” when making decisions; however, the outcome of important decisions should not depend solely on how you are feeling at that exact moment in time, as feelings can change quite dramatically from one day to the next. Before consulting your gut feeling, try to take into account all the important facts and assess the implications of each outcome. Consider what the risks are with each outcome, who it will affect and whether it is feasible.

Be sure to set yourself a deadline

While weighing up all of your options is an important part of the decision-making process, spending too much time seeking out possible solutions and trying to pinpoint the “right” one can actually make the process more difficult and stressful than it needs to be. While a certain period of time should be allotted for considering your options, it can help to set a deadline for making your decision and stick to it. Decide what would be a realistic amount of time for making your decision and write down the date somewhere for your reference.

Sit down and make a pros and cons list

It’s the age-old technique for making decisions, but writing down a list of the pros and cons of each of your options is also one of the most effective ways to make a sensible and well thought out decision. Write down all your options, then dedicate a separate sheet of paper to each. Draw a line down the center of each sheet and write a list of all the pros (or benefits) of the option down one side of the division, and all the cons, or disadvantages, down the other.

Rather than counting up the number of pros and cons for each option, it is important to “weight” each point according to how significant it is. You can grade each point on a scale of one to five, for example, in terms of importance.

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: If Only He Came Soon….


Have you ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed, and in disarray about a situation in your life…. where you wished and thought, if only God had intervened soon enough, your loved one would not have died? If Only God had intervened soon enough, the business or dream you were trying to make happen would not have collapsed? If Only, He had come soon enough, things would not have turned out the way it did.

            “Lord if only…Lord if only… Lord if Only!”

Many are afraid to admit this but there have been times in my life where I just didn’t understand the initial outcome of a promise I knew God had deposited into my life, or why I put so much work into something or someone and it turns sour when I was sure it was God who’d asked me to do that or forge that relationship.

Join me in exploring some scriptural verses today to help ease our minds:
John 11:39 New International Version(NIV) John 11: 1-45

39 “Take away the stone,” he said.
“But, Lord,” said Martha, the sister of the dead man, “by this time there is a bad odor, for he has been there four days.”

Imagine a loved one gravely ill; your family members prayed and fasted and at the end of the day, that loved one dies… How do you reconcile with this?

Now imagine, a dream you had nursed for long, you have pumped all that you had in it, prayerfully considering your path, pushing forward because you really believed you were made to solve that problem through your innovative idea. At the end of the day, things did not happen the way you envisioned.

Imagine a relationship you were truly dedicated to building, knowing that this person is who you will live the rest of your life with; or go into business with, or perhaps you were meant to mentor, but then it all ended in painful breakups.

The Story of Lazarus:
The story in John 11 is that of Lazarus. He fell gravely ill and his family did all they could to get Jesus attention to visit. When he finally got to the town, he was met with mourners in sack clothes … there was much wailing and turmoil. Many probably did not understand what Jesus was doing as he walked among them examining their countenance. I can imagine all of the murmuring and some saying, what is Jesus doing here? Didn’t He realize that the man – Lazarus is now dead? Some even said it to his face, don’t you see or know that Lazarus has been dead for 4 days? When we needed you to come, you did not show up? What could you possible do now that his body is decaying?

Jesus Response to the People’s Behavior:
How could they have doubted the father? How could they have doubted that he did not hear them? How could they have doubted that He knew exactly what had happened and that he was still the same person who’d performed much miracles before Lazarus death?

But that God many be glorified and that he (Jesus) fulfills his promise…he called out to Lazarus.. and commanded him to come forth from underneath the grave. Immediately, the stones covering the mouth of the tomb were pushed back and Lazarus came out.
300px-'The_Raising_of_Lazarus',_tempera_and_gold_on_panel_by_Duccio_di_Buoninsegna,_1310–11,_Kimbell_Art_Museum                     Source: The Raising of Lazarus, by Duccio, 1310–11

While we may not understand why it takes Forever for God to answer our prayers, He has heard us the very first time we made our request. Often the answers are waiting for us to fully align with God’s words, be ready to receive it, having the right attitude to sustain the answer.

Wisdom Nugget for Today:
Take the limits off GOD! Take the limits off His Power. He is God who answers ALL prayers and because He sees the future more than we do, HE ANSWERS THE WAY HE KNOWS IT WILL EVENTUALLY BENEFIT US.

In the case of Lazarus, Jesus was not 4 days late but HE WAS RIGHT ON TIME. Likewise, whatever the dream is that seems dead right now, if you take the limits off God, HE will breathe life into it and cause it to prosper at the right time. Our time is never His time. He owns the past, the present and the future and because He knows your DNA, He will never allow any vision, dreams, or goals to crush you ..which can happen if fulfilled sooner.

Today, choose to take the limit off God.Move into the realm of possibilities, trusting that he knows the right time to release that which you have asked. Continue to abide in the will of the father for your life, crushing every fear, every doubts, every past pains from failure with the understanding that today’s FAILURE is a platform for TOMORROW’S GREATNESS.

Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, BSN, MA, DNP.
Author, Screenwriter, Speaker, Behavioral Health & Transformation Interventionist

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: Get Over Yourself & Out of Your Own Way!

Get Out Your Own Way!

get out of your own way

Many see success as a mystery because they have had so many unsuccessful ventures &/or relationships that they have now resolved that perhaps they are not meant to succeed.

On today’s episode, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock will talk frankly and help you understand why you have failed or things are not going quite well in your life. LISTEN HERE!

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning” & “Heart cleaning”

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Southern Warrior Sister, Dr . Princess Fumi Hancock presents:
The 5 Minute Success Blueprint

The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning” & “Heart cleaning”

The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning” & "Heartcleaning"
In Just 5 Minutes, You Will Garner Cutting edge Wisdom Nuggets to thrust you to your Destination. Knowledge is POWER. LISTEN!

The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning”.
Housecleaning – The removal of unwanted or superfluous items, practices, conditions, or personnel.

Many are not successful because they lack complete focus. At one time, they are doing something but before they see the success of that one thing, they have moved unto something else. Are you guilty?

On today’s episode, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock will discuss the importance of doing some house and heart cleaning before taking a step towards success. LISTEN. LIKE, & SUBSCRIBE HERE!

Check Out the #1 habit You Must Avoid Like a Plague to Succeed
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It’s Warrior Wednesday: The #1 Habit You Must Avoid Like a Plague to Succeed!

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Southern Warrior Sister, Dr . Princess Fumi Hancock presents:
The 5 Minute Success Blueprint

What is the #1 Habit You Must Avoid Like a Plague to Succeed?

“There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self”~ Henri Frederic Amiel

The #1 Habit You Must Avoid like a Plague to Succeed~ The 5 minute success blueprint

Princess Fumi shares her heart and walks her listeners through important facts/ dangers and the #1 plague which can stop anyone from fulfilling their calling.

Many fail to appreciate or honor the connection God places in their lives. They often disregard other people’s’ opinions and do not understand that true friendship or mentorship tell the truth at all cost, even when the truth is hard to swallow.

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: Imagine an Epic Moment in Your Life When Everything Changes for YOU, Good or Bad

                                  A Special Message from your Vision Midwife

Imagine One Epic Moment in your life when everything changes for you, GOOD or BAD….
Imagine the One event that changes your life forever
Many seek to set goals throughout the year. While some goals are met, many are left undone. How do we maneuver our way through life with challenges coming at us in a speed of light? Challenge at the work place, at home front, in business, in health?

Today, I share with you some wisdom nuggets on how to use a moment in our lives to catapult us into our destiny. This lesson is taken from simply observing  the life-cycle of a butterfly.
Listen to the 5 Minutes Successblueprint

Until Next time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock
Storyteller, Filmmaker, Behavioral Health & Transformation Interventionist


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It’s Warrior Wednesday: 7 Ways of Standing TALL, FIRM, & STILL in the Midst of a Raging Storm

What do you do when all hell breaks loose in your home, at your place of work and you look around and help seems to elude you?
When raging storm of life ceases to stop                                                       

How do you overcome all the confusion, frustration, and the overwhelming sense of disconnection with a relationship, a work place, your boss… whoever you may slide into this question?

Here are steps (which I call my wisdom nugget) to help you move through your most difficult season:

(1). Understand that this season is TEMPORARY;
(2). Be Still… Be Still… Be Still…;
(3). Truthfully assess your circumstances and make sure that you have not brought this particular situation on, due to your action or inaction;
(3b). If you have, then repent and chart a new course for yourself without regrets;
(4). If not, begin to thank the heavenly father because your storm is about to shift into a victory dance;
(5). No one lives alone….We are created to live life with others. As such, figure out who your confidant is and share this agonizing situation with him or her;
(6). In all that you do, PUT GOD FIRST!
(7). Understand that your Creator has your back no matter what!
(8). PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! And meditate on God’s Words. The answers you are seeking are embedded in his words.

Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: When Life’s Raging Storm Refuses to CEASE, Be Fierce to Say Enough!

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experiences
~ Soren Kierkegaard

What do you do when life’s storm keeps pushing against you and you feel like you are at your wit’s end?
life raging storm by Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock                           Hairstyle by CJ Savoy ~Bac to Basic Hair Gallery~ Brentwood, TN
Photography by Ese Morrison Fashions by Princess Herself!

Recently, one of my southern warrior sister-tribe, sister, Dawn D. Totty who is an award winning designer/stager was on her way to yet another interesting assignment. She loves the path to the family’s house that she took the picture to share just the serenity surrounding her as she drive towards the house.
serenity walk in the gardens inspiration                                                       Photography by Dawn D. Totty

I was instantly captivated by the picture and immediately asked if I had permission to use it. That same day, another southern warrior sister-tribe sister, Marlas Triplett-Sells, “Our Teacher-Preacher sister” and her husband Robert Sells were on their way to Indiana for July 4th (independence day) celebration here in the United States. Well, she too sent me a picture. This time it was a picture of them pushing through the storms to get to their destination.

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Believing is Seeing & Seeing Ushers in Your MIRACLE!

Seeing is believing, believing is seeing

Have you ever heard the saying “Seeing is Believing?” It’s Warrior Wednesday and I want to talk to you about that phrase. I woke up this morning really thinking about it. We leave in a world where we want everything given to us in not only candid color but in microwave seconds!

Seeing is believing, believing is seeing
We have become a world full of impatient people; many who perhaps are now desperate that they would do anything to make things happen in their lives. What is even sad is that many no longer believe in miracles. We want to see before we believe! Whatever happened to FAITH? Whatever happened to trusting GOD anyhow even in the midst of our storm? Whatever happened to understanding that We Must Perceive Our Miracles Before it Happens?

Whatever you may be going through in life, know this: IT IS ONLY TEMPORARY. I know it may sound like cliche, but it is the truth. I have seen poverty and I have seen wealth… all happening in different seasons of our lives.

My Message for Today:

3 Ways you are sabotaging your won success
For us to really partake a MIRACLE in our lives, we must Believe that we are destined for Success as we believe, hope arises in us and gives us the spiritual muscle to start seeing that which we are believing for… as we begin to see it, we get up and start to walk towards it. This requires action from you. As you take massive action towards the path laid ahead of you, MIRACLE shows up.
The teacher will never appear until the student is ready. Are you ready for your miracle? Are you ready to Believe, then See your miracle?

Give this a try today… BELIEVE, SEE your Breakthrough, then expect your MIRACLE!

Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock
Storyteller, Int’l Speaker, Transformation Catalyst

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: Depression is Serious Business! Learn the Facts

    Do you know that 1 in 5 people will have depression before they are 18 years old? Together, we can learn the facts about Depression to save a life!
Depression is serous business

Join us at Princess Fumi & Her Southern Warrior Sister-Tribe for this hot topic: Are Sadness and downswings normal reaction to life’s struggles?
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Until Next Time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock, RN, MA, DNP
Storyteller, Screenwriter, Transformation Expert