Mirror of Truth



Have you ever stared at yourself in the mirror?  I mean really just stared at yourself? Did you like what you saw? Or did you criticize every minor or major flaw? Did you see yourself or did you look beyond the mirror’s reflection?

I ask these questions because I want to take you on a journey of self-discovery.  You see the thing about a mirror is that the mirror doesn’t tell the whole truth. The mirror doesn’t have the ability to read between the lines of what it sees. However, we have the ability to do so. But when we look in the mirror, we allow the mirror’s reflection to dictate what that interpretation is. See the thing is, if we are given enough time, we can all find ways to pick ourselves apart.




Don’t Stop Believin’

10609445_4514505677129_5783132148946785117_nHello lovies! I want to talk to you about the subject of faith this week. Do you ever lose faith? If you answered yes this question, then we are in the same boat.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)

Why Do We Lose Faith?

You know it’s so easy to lose faith when we don’t see the thing that we’ve prayed for and waiting for come to fruition. It’s also easy to lose faith when things start going wrong in our lives, right. Another place we easily lose faith is when someone we love and trust doesn’t support us.

Now that we’ve acknowledged some ways that we lose faith. What do we do to regain our faith? The first way should definitely be through prayer and submission to God. Submitting to God causes us to believe in something far greater than ourselves. We have to believe that God exist in order to submit to Him. Once we submit to Him, having His spirit live in our heart grows our faith.

The second way we can grow our faith is through reading the bible. Yes, read your bibles! This should be a daily habit anyway. Studying God’s word and allowing those words to live in our hearts causes our faith to grow. In order for something to grow, it must be fed what it needs most. Our faith, in this same way, needs to be fed daily so that it will continue to grow.

Walking OrangeWhen we think of losing faith, this is probably the first place it happens. Either we just stop believing in ourselves and our abilities, or we allow others’ lack of belief in us to cause us to stop believing. Trust me, I know it’s very difficult to have someone who you love and respect not support and believe in you.  It’s a very painful and lonely place to be. This is where “encouraging yourself” comes into play. The bible says “David was greatly distressed …” The people wanted to stone him because of the they were grieved, but David “encouraged himself in the Lord his God.” 1 Samuel 30:6 KJV  We can always find encouragement in the Lord when no one around us seems to.

Anyway, I said all of that to say this … DON’T STOP BELIEVIN’!  Don’t stop believing in God. Don’t stop believing in yourself. Don’t stop believing. Faith keeps us going when the way seems impossible. Faith keeps us strong when we should be weak. Faith will get us to the finish line even when we’ve stumbled and fallen down. Faith will cause us to get back up again. Faith is what carries us through. All it takes is faith … small as a mustard seed! Matthew 17:20 NIV

Mustard Seed

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Blogging Ain’t Easy

Hello loves!! So sorry that I’ve been missing-in-action on the blog for a bit. You know what, it’s very challenging for me to write blogs. I’m going to be completely transparent here. I struggle to write my blog each week. I usually only write when I feel inspired to do so or when some event has happened that I want to share. But for the most part, I struggle week-to-week to come up with something that will be “encouraging” enough to share.

Celebrate Love!

Robert and Marlas Wedding PicHappy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Well, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to share the love with you.  In today’s blog, I’m going to share a little piece of my life.

My husband, Robert T. Sells, is God’s blessing to me.  We’ve been married in August, 2005.


Among other things, he is a poet. He writes the most beautiful poems to me that I never share with anyone.  Some things are just that special.  But, he does have plenty of poems that he has shared with the world in his book, Words of Inspiration, A Collection of Poems for the One You Love.  I’m not plugging his book, but if you want a copy, I’ll post the link at the bottom.

One of the poems that he wrote for me before we got married, is a poem called “The Power of a Praying Woman.” The words still melt my heart every time I hear it.  I’m sharing it with you now.


Timing Is Everything

Have you ever missed something important? Yes, I know that’s a rhetorical question but one worth asking. If you have, then you know … timing is everything.

Look at it this way. A friend tells you to meet them at the corner of Nolensville Road and Old Hickory Boulevard at 4:00PM today.  Well, you set out on your way, but halfway there, you notice a grocery store.  You look at the clock and you’ve got a little time.  So you stop. To your surprise, the grocery store is having this amazing sale, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. And before you know it, you’re late. So you hurry to check out and leave the store. You make it to the corner at 4:10PM. Now that doesn’t seem like a big deal to you at first, but after standing there for several hours, you realize you’ve missed your friend. You see, it wasn’t that your friend wasn’t there at 4:00PM, but that you were not there at 4:00PM. Your friend had come and gone because you weren’t there.

Trusting Completely

Do you trust God?  I mean really trust Him and believe His word? If you are anything like me, then the answer is no.  Don’t get me wrong, I trust God, but sometimes I don’t trust Him fully when it comes to situation in my life.  It’s easy to say you trust God’s word, but the hard part is actually doing it.

Here’s an example from my life. Several years ago I was going through a divorce from my ex-husband.  At that time, I was so financially strapped. I mean, I couldn’t rub two nickles together. I could only afford to buy packs of hot dogs for weeks at a time. I had just moved into my place and I was trying to work through things while being on my own.  We had joint debt, that suddenly became my responsibility. Listen, I won’t bore you with those details. Let’s just say, I was definitely drowning in debt. I didn’t want to be a burden to my family by asking them for help. I’m not a prideful person, but I knew that I had to stand on my own two feet.  So, I dealt with it.  And let me tell you, it became so depressing. I was working everyday and by the time I got my paycheck, it was already gone.

All the while, I thought I was trusting God. I would go to church week after week and barely give, because I just couldn’t bear taking away from the little I had. I was so afraid that I wouldn’t survive if I parted with even a few dollars.  Well, finally one day, the word of God became very clear to me.  It was like suddenly this scripture jumped off of the pages and I could almost reach out and touch the words with my hand.  The scripture was Luke 6:38 Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (NIV)  God then spoke to my heart and said, ” how can you say you trust me when you won’t open your heart?”  Wow!  His voice pierced my heart. I began to cry.  Fear had me bound. It was the fear of not being able to survive if I took away from the few dollars I had left.

I felt so convicted.  I knew God was right. I wasn’t trusting Him completely because I wasn’t opening my heart to His word. My life had become a reflection of my fears.  So the next Sunday, I took a faith step and I opened my heart and trusted God’s word.  I gave from the little that I had. Let me tell you, I felt an enormous weight lift from me at that moment.  At that moment, I felt free and it made me happy.

It didn’t happen overnight, but soon I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Things began to turn around for me and soon I was giving more and more. Within a short amount of time, I was out of debt. All the things that had weighed me down, no longer did.  How awesome is God!

You see, I know that God took my small steps of faith and turned them into giant strides.

Some of you may read this and think “nothing miraculous happened.”  Well, you would be right. It wasn’t a miracle. It didn’t need to be a miracle. All God needed was to see that I was willing to open my heart and take the step. He did the rest.

Trusting God completely takes great faith but it starts with one small step.

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Insert “Jesus” Here

Have you ever seen those little phrases on the internet or on TV that say “Insert ____ Here”? Usually it’s some word or phrase that you can insert and it may be funny or provide some sort of information. Well, I saw one of those the other day and it made me think of how some people treat Jesus in this same manner. They act as if “Jesus” is a word that they can simply insert into any situation to magically make it okay. Simply inserting Jesus’ name into something doesn’t make it holy or right. We have to do more than insert His name. We have to allow Jesus to infiltrate our lives. Our entire beings. For without Him, we are nothing anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, we know that at the mere mention of Jesus’ name, demons tremble. The bible says, “that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth …” Philippians 2:10 NIV So there is definite power in simply “inserting (or saying)” Jesus’ name.  But it needs to be deeper than that. Jesus needs to be so deep within us and so intertwined within the fiber of our very being that no one and nothing can permeate the bond. You must be in relationship with Him. People treat Jesus as if he is a universal noun, just sitting on the shelf waiting to be put into play. Like he’s that kid on the football team, warming the bench, and waiting for his chance to say “put me in coach.” What’s wrong with this picture? If this is how we relegate Our Lord and Savior, then we need to seriously reevaluate our lives. In God’s great plan, we are the “bench warmers” waiting for our chance to say “put me in coach!” Our lives are not our own. We are God’s vessels and we are each here for His purpose.

Be Inspired! Be Authentic! Be Of Sentimental Value!

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551367_3658828005722_1914236186_nWelcome! So, here we are Lovies. Praise God! We’ve made it to 2015. Can you believe it? I sure can’t. I remember as a child, we thought that this was not possible. And if it were, we were sure we’d be living life like “The Jetsons.” I’m sure I dated myself by saying that, but it is well.

In this blog, I will be sharing my faith walk with you. You may wonder why I’ve chosen to do such a thing, right?  Well, let me tell you.  It’s because I truly believe that we, as women, all live the same struggles in life.  We may not have all been through the exact same situations, but we share the struggles. From motherhood to career challenges to parenting to relationships … and yes, even our sexual being. There is a common thread for all of us.  Being able to “Be Authentic” with each other is more healing than we can ever imagine.  There is comfort and knowledge to be gained from learning and sharing our lives, our struggles, our challenges, our victories, and our triumphs with others.  As my friend, Princess Fumi Hancock says, “Real Women Tell The Truth®.”  Why can’t we be honest with each other and have honest conversations about the things that concern us as women? If you’ve been searching for real, honest conversation, then this is the forum for you. Listen, I’m as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but I’m ready to share this journey with you.

So until the next time, Lovies … may God watch over you and keep you in His perfect peace. Take care of yourselves and love each other. God bless you.