It’s Warrior Wednesday: Get Over Yourself & Out of Your Own Way!

Get Out Your Own Way!

get out of your own way

Many see success as a mystery because they have had so many unsuccessful ventures &/or relationships that they have now resolved that perhaps they are not meant to succeed.

On today’s episode, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock will talk frankly and help you understand why you have failed or things are not going quite well in your life. LISTEN HERE!

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning” & “Heart cleaning”

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Southern Warrior Sister, Dr . Princess Fumi Hancock presents:
The 5 Minute Success Blueprint

The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning” & “Heart cleaning”

The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning” & "Heartcleaning"
In Just 5 Minutes, You Will Garner Cutting edge Wisdom Nuggets to thrust you to your Destination. Knowledge is POWER. LISTEN!

The Road to Success Requires Some “Housecleaning”.
Housecleaning – The removal of unwanted or superfluous items, practices, conditions, or personnel.

Many are not successful because they lack complete focus. At one time, they are doing something but before they see the success of that one thing, they have moved unto something else. Are you guilty?

On today’s episode, Dr. Princess Fumi Hancock will discuss the importance of doing some house and heart cleaning before taking a step towards success. LISTEN. LIKE, & SUBSCRIBE HERE!

Check Out the #1 habit You Must Avoid Like a Plague to Succeed
And lots more.

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: The #1 Habit You Must Avoid Like a Plague to Succeed!

It’s Warrior Wednesday: Southern Warrior Sister, Dr . Princess Fumi Hancock presents:
The 5 Minute Success Blueprint

What is the #1 Habit You Must Avoid Like a Plague to Succeed?

“There is no respect for others without humility in one’s self”~ Henri Frederic Amiel

The #1 Habit You Must Avoid like a Plague to Succeed~ The 5 minute success blueprint

Princess Fumi shares her heart and walks her listeners through important facts/ dangers and the #1 plague which can stop anyone from fulfilling their calling.

Many fail to appreciate or honor the connection God places in their lives. They often disregard other people’s’ opinions and do not understand that true friendship or mentorship tell the truth at all cost, even when the truth is hard to swallow.

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It’s Warrior Wednesday: Imagine an Epic Moment in Your Life When Everything Changes for YOU, Good or Bad

                                  A Special Message from your Vision Midwife

Imagine One Epic Moment in your life when everything changes for you, GOOD or BAD….
Imagine the One event that changes your life forever
Many seek to set goals throughout the year. While some goals are met, many are left undone. How do we maneuver our way through life with challenges coming at us in a speed of light? Challenge at the work place, at home front, in business, in health?

Today, I share with you some wisdom nuggets on how to use a moment in our lives to catapult us into our destiny. This lesson is taken from simply observing  the life-cycle of a butterfly.
Listen to the 5 Minutes Successblueprint

Until Next time,
Be Inspired, Be Motivated, Be Of Sentimental Value, Be Authentic

Dr. Princess Fumi S. Hancock
Storyteller, Filmmaker, Behavioral Health & Transformation Interventionist


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God’s Gonna Cut You Down featuring Robert T. Sells (aka The Anointed Poet)

Please join us Saturday, April 11th on the Southern Warrior Sister Tribe Radio Show as our featured guest will be none other than multiple award-winning Christian Spoken Word artist, poet and author, Robert T. Sells.  He is also known as The Anointed Poet.

Listen to his poem “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” here:

Robert talks about how this poem came to light. “I had been involved with the poetry movement called ‘Poetry Over Music’ for some time. It was only fitting that when they approached me again about contributing to the 4th Volume, my answer was an immediate ‘yes.’ For this 4th Volume, we were given a song chosen by the POM staff to write a poem for.  My song was “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by the late, great Johnny Cash.  I’ve always loved this song, but when I had to write a poem for it, it took on new meaning.  I hope I was able to do justice to an already great song.

The Poetry Over Music Movement brings attention to independent poets and spoken word artist around the country by melting together poetry with already established songs.  It’s a cause close to my heart because I know the struggle independents face when it comes to getting your work heard or getting your books sold. There needs to be a place where us artist can support each other.”

Feel free to check out other offerings by Robert at



Robert T. Sells is a multiple award-winning Christian Spoken Word artist, poet and author. He is also co-founder of Words of Inspiration Ministries. His published works include:  Words of Inspiration: A Collection of Poems For The One You Love and Words of Inspiration: Speak Healing. These are the first two books in a 10-book series. He has also released his first studio album entitled, “The Heart of a Man.”




“How did you do it?” she asked. The pain is so deep. How did you heal your life after the affair was over?

Today, I turned 52 years young and I can honestly say that looking back over my life, the most painful relationship I had ever endured was being in an affair with a married man. It was worse than getting a divorce from my first husband. Even though I experienced years of mental and emotional abuse in my first marriage, years of rejection in one relationship after another that followed afterwards; when the affair ended, it was the one that almost took me over the edge.

Overcoming Life’s Hurricanes – Guest Blog by Holly Marie Tong

1908023_628114268613_3392443206998976128_nOvercoming Life’s Hurricanes – Guest Blog by Holly Marie Tong


I remember the first time I thought about what being an overcomer meant. I was in high school when the thought, “you can either overcome your difficult circumstances or you can allow your difficult circumstances to overcome you,” randomly went through my head.  I was still somewhat green to the world, but now I know God was preparing me for something to come at a later time.  What that thing was….I didn’t have a clue at the time, but my response to that random thought would wind up determining my entire adulthood….and ultimately my destiny:  Would I cower to fear and give up……or would I stand courageous and press on towards my purpose?


Life – Guest Blog by Lyn Smith


Life – Guest Blog by Lyn Smith

Mom where’s my pink shirt?  Honey can you fix me something to eat?  As an employee it’s your responsibility to make sure your certification stays current.  And then we have to make sure we don’t forget God.  Where’s the ME time?  And what happens when we don’t get it?  Something doesn’t get done.  Do we stop?  No.  We continue moving on autopilot because we don’t have TIME to deal with ourselves.

What?  You don’t know anyone like that?  Sure you do.  Your sister, cousin, co-worker and even your UPS delivery person.  Amazing huh?  Not that they’d ever tell you.  Most people with depression won’t.  It’s challenging to face the truth.  By the time we’re done dealing with everyone else we can’t deal with ourselves because we’ve used everything in us to solve everyone else’s problem.  So we don’t admit there IS even a problem.  But there is.

Overcoming Life’s Circumstances to Live the Life of Your Dreams – Guest Blog By Paulina Johnson


Overcoming Life’s Circumstances to Live the Life of Your Dreams – Guest Blog By Paulina Johnson

One certainty of life is that you can’t choose the parents you’re born of or the circumstances you’re born into. As you grow and learn, you will find yourself faced with many obstacles, some you know how to handle, and others you are not so sure of. You find yourself living in the Merry-Go-Round of your life choices. There are times you feel so off course from the original plan of your life, that you feel helpless, worthless, and clueless. This is what I experienced when I began to accept how truly unhappy I was with the circumstances of my life. Initially, I felt lonely and out of faith. When I begin to dig into my feelings, through journaling my thoughts, I realized what I was experiencing was an awakening. I was awakening into the woman Paulina.  I begin to recognize and remove the negative patterns I established in my life.

First pattern, I was a people pleaser. I spent an enormous amount of time and energy to ‘get’ others to approve of me. It was hard for me to recognize this pattern because I was a people pleaser to only a certain sect of people, those whom I felt were an authority figure in my life. Teachers, Bosses, Pastors, and Husbands. This behavior was nurtured and developed by being raised by parents who were unable to show love or approval because they didn’t receive these things while growing up.  They seemed to be troubled by my very existence on Earth. I was told by both my mother and father that their life went downhill when they became parents to my siblings and I.  They resented the responsibility that came along with parenting, while I determined to change their feelings towards me by being a ‘good daughter’.  My efforts didn’t change much.  My parents just couldn’t give me what they didn’t have.  I found myself being swayed in various directions because I received the love and approval I lacked from my parents from other authority figures. This was helpful and harmful to me.  Some of these authority figures in my life were wonderful mentors, confidants, and friends. Others abused their power and I found myself immersed in a number of horrible situations because I chose to please that person and yield to their advice.

Second pattern. I wanted to help everyone. Now let me be clear, there is nothing wrong with helping others, but the balance comes with knowing whom you are to help and when.   I would give my time, resources, and finances to help someone. I would sacrifice to the point of foolishness to help someone out of a bind.  I would then harbor resentment because ‘no one was there for me when I needed help’.  My new understanding is to extend help to others when it doesn’t cause me to re-order my life to offer the help.
Third pattern, I was afraid of failure. Oh, this was a big one for me.  I was so afraid of failing that I only focused on pursuits that I knew I could make success with.  Achievement, was my co-dependency.  This came from receiving so much negative feedback from others for becoming a teenage mother at the age of sixteen. I was so impressionable as a teenager.  Very few, I mean very few, people encouraged me to pursue the goals I set for my life.  Most people told me I had ruined my life by becoming a mother.  I isolated myself from people out of fear of judgement. I developed a nervous condition and couldn’t sleep most nights because I worried constantly about my future.
After taking inventory of where I was in my life, I realized that the people-pleasing, helpful to a fault, and fearful Paulina was the one that was unhappy. She was the one who was ruled by her emotions and hiding behind the shame of her past. I was exhausted from taking care of everyone but myself. It was then I realized that I had a decision to make, continue in the pattern of negative behavior in my life, or change my mind so I could change my life to live the life of my dreams. I chose the latter. I made a choice to change my thinking and surround myself by others who genuinely cared for me.
 I stopped investing in others who had no interest in investing in me.  Most importantly, I stopped apologizing for being Paulina.  I accepted that some people may like me, and others may not, but hey, Paulina is still number 1 in my world.
I would encourage anyone not to become discouraged when asking themselves, ‘why do I keep ending up here’, but to take that opportunity to recognize and remove the negative patterns they have established in their lives. It is then and only then will they overcome life’s circumstances to live the life of their dreams.
Paulina 1
 Paulina Johnson currently resides in Novi, Michigan. She is a native of Gary, Indiana.

Identity Crisis and the Effect it has on Reaching Ones’ True Potential~ Guest Blog by Rev. Mary Leonard

Identity Crisis and the Effect it has on Reaching Ones’ True Potential~ Guest Blog by Rev. Mary Leonard.
Mary Leonard-2014-08-20_17-33-25

One of the major crises in my life that I can identify with was my mother’s death.
The loss of anyone you love is painful and can cause you to miss out or to press in. My mother died a slow and painful death. It was a difficult time for me; I felt like someone had dropped me and my life was shattered into pieces. No matter what, I knew God was able to do what He said He would. I pushed back tears dripping down my face every day. It was truly a faith walk ~ just me and the Lord.

                      And the LORD, he [it is] that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.
Deuteronomy 31:8