Foot Soldiers Marching ON!!!!!!

Commemorating 50th Anniversary in Selma. Foot Soldiers Marching ON!!!!!!untitled

The Pastselma_bridge

My father Mack Holt III marched in the Selma march and my step father Carl Cotton. They were actually there during the march from Selma to Montgomery. They remember all of the injustices going on at that time. Carl even remembers how the marchers had to stay on the lawn of the high school and on the sides of the highway.


The March was wonderful and inspiring to me and my whole family contrary to what contributing editor Alvin Benn states in USA Today National. He wrote the article “Chaos of crowd can’t mar Selma marchers’ jubilation”. Read more…


As they shuffled their way up the Edmund Pettus Bridge. This statement got under my skin!!!! Almost to say shuffalong referring to the lazy slave.  We did not shuffle; we walked proudly over the bridge putting one foot in front of the other.


This reporter used more negative words in the USA today article to somehow take away from this historical event. Words like:

Unplanned marches

barely moving humanity


abandoned efforts

efforts failed

haphazard plan

ignoring calls

The psychologies of words are revealing more than you realize. USA Today gave him the power of communication as to denounce our great day. About the contributing editor…

Alvin Benn may get more mail than just about any other reporter at the Montgomery Advertiser, and technically, he’s not even on staff. Yet, he is the Montgomery Advertiser’s elder statesman.

Benn is a venerable reporter, a journalist who worked with United Press International, who covered the Ku Klux Klan and civil rights and worked long enough to write a book about his career, which he chronicled in his autobiography, “Reporter: Covering Civil Rights … and Wrongs in Dixie.”

The Pennsylvania native, now 71, has been working at the Advertiser for 32 years. His LinkedIn profile shows Benn’s sense of humor as he lists his education as “barely finished high school.”


Enough about this horrible article!!!

It was wonderful day to see all types of people, all races, all disabled people come together for The 50th Selma Anniversary.


My mother was overwhelmed with joy and emotions after we had crossed bridge. We turned around and look back at the bridge; it was a sea of beautiful, inspiring faces of the pass and faces of the future. We have come a long way but we all are still fighting for our civil rights.

“Stop the Violence” and “No More Killing.”

Remembering Eric Garner in New York.

“I Can’t Breathe.”

Michael Brown’s face.

“Black Lives Matter.”

“From the back of the Bus to the FRONT of the prison!!!”

These are all still a party of our civil rights today that we are still fighting for

 “The Present”


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