Giving Back

Rebuilding African Kingdoms, One Community at a Time

Southern Warrior Sister Tribe believes in Giving Back. Please learn more about this wonderful non-profit organization founded by our very own Princess Fumi Hancock.

Adassa-Adumori Foundation, Inc. (AAF) is a 501(c)3 US-based non-profit organization working in the developing nations of the world to train leaders capable of addressing their nations’ most-pressing issues. AAF does this through community projects in business and education. Adassa-Adumori Foundation, Inc. Mission is to develop and support sustainable projects that create significant positive change in children and families who are growing up in circumstances of social and economic disadvantages in 3rd world countries, one community at a time. While many stories have evolved from the heart of Africa, this is a story of an African princess who after 23 years of living outside of her community; returns to “repair the bridge.” It is a story of hope and new beginnings for underprivileged communities in 3rd world countries and a call to action across the globe to reach out and save lives.

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