Growth Happens in The Valley


Growth Happens in The Valley


An Incredible Happy Ending


Anonymous Saves A Suicidal Girl


Late last year, 15-year-old Kylie Kylem was feeling suicidal. Because adolescence is a horrible, horrible time, she felt unable to talk to her friends or parents and instead took to Twitter in search of sympathy. Unfortunately, her bullies happened to be online as well, and what followed was an exchange so depressing it’ll make you want to cry.

Instead of acting like human beings for once in their miserable lives, the bullies responded to Kylie’s tweets by encouraging her to kill herself. If you’ve ever been around a depressed person, you know this isn’t a good thing to do. Kylie started tweeting about cutting herself and seemed on the verge of doing something awful when Anonymous and Rustle League, who apparently patrol Twitter looking out for this kind of thing, decided to step in.

What followed was a darkly gratifying exchange that saw Anonymous pull the bullies’ contact details and threaten to identify them to the police, their parents, their principal, and anyone in authority. After a whole lot of groveling, the bullies were eventually let off with a warning—on the condition that they apologize to Kylie. And apologize they did, promising to look after their victim from then on until the end of time. Best of all, the offer was conditional on Kylie directly messaging the Anon guys to tell them she was okay. Rather than take the opportunity for cold, cold revenge, she did exactly that, rising above the level of her bullies and looking awesome in the process.


The Kiss That Stopped A Suicide

One of the worst things about being young is the way passing things seem somehow permanent. So when an unnamed 16-year-old in China faced yet another example of fate raining all over his incredibly poor family, he decided to step out rather than suffer a life of torment and misery. Climbing over the railing of a pedestrian bridge, he prepared to jump. At which point a passing waitress named Liu Wenxiu decided to get involved.

Despite having never seen the kid before, despite knowing nothing of his problems, she followed him to the railing and did the only thing she could: She listened. She listened as this random 16-year-old described the pit his life had fallen into, she listened as he listed the endless problems tearing his family life to bits, and then she simply showed him her wrists. As they stood there, surrounded by cops and gawping pedestrians, Liu told him the story behind her own attempted suicide—quietly, firmly, and without any contrivances. When she was done, she leaned forward, hugged the boy, and gave him a kiss. And the boy suddenly decided that maybe life was worth living after all. All Liu had done was something no one else had ever thought to do: She’d given the kid her full attention and really listened. And that little slice of kindness was all it took to save his life.

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